The New Pulp!

Hot Mess is our pulp short fiction brand! Through it we hope to bring the best short fiction that new writers have to offer. We specialize in action-packed, dramatic speculative fiction, ranging from classic science fiction to urban fantasy, but this is also a place where we can take chances, so there might be some genre-bending and blending here and there.

If you're an author, we're seeking submissions for the next edition of Hot Mess!

We're looking for speculative fiction pieces from new or independent authors and writers. We're hoping to recapture the fun, adventurous feel of old-fashioned pulps with a modern sensitivity. What does that mean? It means adventure, magic, space-faring, battles, and romance! 

Most of all, it's about being able to put out fun stories quickly and with a minimum of fuss and bother. We're not looking for high art! Think Totino's Pizza Rolls, not foie gras. Have fun, don't worry, and remember: some of our greatest writers cut their teeth on pulps!

For more information on pulp stories, check out these links:

Heinlein's Rules.

What Is Pulp Fiction?


Lester Dent's Pulp Fiction Formula. 

So if you have a speculative fiction short story between three and ten thousand words, please submit in MS Word or PDF format to We're accepting submissions through the end of July!