Writer's Groups: Cheap Therapy Part 2

This is a continuation of Tina's original blog post of two weeks ago. If you've missed that one, or if you don't remember where we were going with this, you can check the first post out here.  

Once we’d gone through a couple of sessions of putting our group together, magical things began to happen. I watched in amazement as Jen’s confidence in her work skyrocketed. Allie submitted literary fiction. With this audience her work got their full attention. Before she'd had problems because it wasn't a genre work. Not only did I receive feedback on my work, but I also received feedback on my editing style. In one year our group had transformed their writing. We had support and someone to connect with who understood the struggles.

Not long after the one year mark, we added James to the mix. It was a big decision. We’d helped each other out so much, and an unknown quantity is unknown. However, it became  evident that James was a good fit. And by way of a silly internet questionnaire, I discovered that James hadn't received a lot of support either. He had even lost a friend over wanting to write. To see James respond to the support in our group as fast as he did was telling. Writing might be a solitary sport, but to be a writer, the social aspect cannot be overlooked. Writer’s groups fulfill a need, for understanding and for solidarity.

And if you don’t have one, you can always make one. There are far more writers out there than anyone realizes.