Become a Resource for Independent Authors

Let’s face it, every author is independent. Every author starts by writing something down that they hope will sell to someone. Whether they sell directly or through a publishing house, the idea is the same. The writer wants people to love their book enough to write more.

It is a good idea to find other authors to work with when you are an independent author. If only to feel grounded in the fact that you’re not crazy for writing a book, and that other people do this for a living. It’s validating.

It is true that finding a group of peers to share with is invaluable, and a lot harder to do than it sounds. You could try to take an ad out on Craigslist, or possibly find an already active group and join. Finding people is easy. Finding people on your wavelength is not. Those people are invaluable for growth as an author. They can point out your blind spots, give advice on how they overcome obstacles, and cheer you on when something is particularly well done. Finding this group is difficult, but it’s more difficult without them. This is how authors become resources for one another. Someone is good at dialogue, and another is better at exposition. Together, they can teach each other how to make a smoother, stronger book for both parties.

It is also important to be a resource to authors who aren’t as far along the publishing path as you are. When you help a less experienced writer with their manuscript, it can be rewarding.  Not only does benefit the writer, but it solidifies what you understand about the craft. It can bolster confidence, which is the key ingredient to a successful author.

Whether it’s via social media, or whether you have a group of friends who you can connect with in person. As solitary as the writing process is, and as introverted as most writers are, community is important, and being a resource is part of the package.