Allison here! I have a gift for you!

This short story is a companion story to my upcoming novel, A Guide to a Happier Life. It is free.  It will always be free.  Even if I have to write copies out by hand and strap them to the backs of rats.  Even if I have to have the thing tattooed all over my entire body and then dedicate my numbered days to walking the face of the unforgiving earth in the buff, this story will always be free.

No strings attached.

It is a thing that brought me a great deal of joy in the writing.  I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

So download it, read it, and share it.  If you know anyone who might enjoy it, e-mail them the file or the link to download their own, or post the link on social media. Hell, print it and hand it out on street corners, I don't care.  It's free!

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The Taste of Ashes is a short work of contemporary fiction.  It contains swearing, depictions of violence, depictions of sexual situations, and frank discussion of homophobia.  If this isn't your cup of tea, that's fine! We'll have something out in the future that you're more likely to enjoy.