One of Tina's first memories of writing was being asked to write a paragraph for class.  She wrote a page.  Soon she was filling notebooks with stories about rainbows and unicorns.  As an adult, even when she wasn't writing, her creativity drove her to other outlets, such as roleplaying games, which gave her a platform from which to entertain audiences, to tell wonderful stories, and to collaborate with her peers.

Writing a book is a daunting task, but Tina finished her first full manuscript in 2009.  She was encouraged to self-publish, and The Corsican was born.  Of course, now that she'd finished a novel, there was only one thing left to do.  Write more.  She found a group of like-minded individuals and created a community devoted to the craft of storytelling.  Now, alongside friend and colleague Allison Drennan, she is a founding member of Barely Salvageable.

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Tina's new book, Bento Box, is scheduled for release on June 30th! You can preorder today.